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Alok Sharma can make Cop26 a success - but does he have the will? | Chaitanya Kumar

As energy secretary and Cop president, Sharma is uniquely placed to tackle climate change at home and overseasThe wait is over for the new president of the all-important United Nations climate conference (Cop26) in Glasgow in November. Alok Sharma is set to take on this high-octane diplomatic role while also juggling the immensely powerful job of leading the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Some may see this as a herculean task, but the BEIS secretary is in a unique position to lead the charge in tackling the climate emergency. His portfolio now includes not just delivering net-zero carbon in the UK but also convincing the world to follow suit.Reportedly turned down by former Conservative heavyweights David Cameron and William Hague, the Cop26 presidency had been in a state of limbo. The sacked president, Claire O'Neill, warned of a serious leadership gap in her departing missive to Boris Johnson. Having a cabinet minister now leading the charge is welcome, but the new minister's voting record on climate does not instil confidence. He has voted against support for carbon-capture projects and taxing polluting vehicles and dirty power stations, among other things. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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