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Digital Cleanup Day - interim results

Digital Cleanup Day - interim results

Let's Do It World Network's initiative - Digital Cleanup Day - attracted participants from 85 countries, and prolonges result submissions on digital.worldcleanupday.org until 26th April 2020.

Digital Cleanup Day, on 22nd of April, created and called into life by Let's Do It World Network was prepared and executed in only 7 days, and attracted participants from 85 countries. Participants were invited to clear their devices of digital clutter, such as unused apps, unnecessary documents, duplicates and poor quality photos, old emails and report their digital cleanup results on digital.worldcleanupday.org.

"We are thrilled to see such vibrant attention to Digital Cleanup Day, that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day" said Heidi Solba, President and Head of Network of Let's Do It World. "The network's teams that decided to participate on such a last minute online campaign demonstrated great flexibility and enthusiasm. They translated materials, set up websites, activated their press contacts and showed an amazing enthusiasm in promoting this very necessary knowledge, and all that in only a couple of days," described Solba. "Our aim was to spread awareness of the invisible waste surrounding us and to start discussion on digital waste".

The cleanups ranged from a few Megabytes to several Gigabytes per submission. The largest participation was from Russia, with 15% of total submissions, followed by Indonesia (12,5%), Ukraine and Estonia (5,9%), The Czech Republic (5,6%), Syria (5,6%), Turkey (5%) and Argentina (3,8%). Preliminary results have not yet come in from India.

"I had some laughs while cleaning up - what was I subscribed to back then?!?", stated one of the participants from the Czech Republic in their submission form. Other comments included remarks about the joy it brings to be helping the environment while quarantined at home. Some submissions were collective ones, organized within an apartment building or amongst friends. "It's a great idea to do a digital cleanup, because usually we don't consider it. Just by cleaning your phone, computer, etc of old useless data helps a lot, especially in these pandemic days when we need the digital things the most!" reported one Brazilian participant.

Due to continuing interest to register individual digital cleanup results, Let's Do It World Network has decided to keep the registration page open until 26th April. Anyone can still perform digital cleanup in their devices and enter their submission until then. The final results will be calculated on the 27th April.

Solba added that digital cleanups may become one of the Let's Do It World's projects, considering the world's circumstances. the largest and most known of those is the annual World Cleanup Day. World Cleanup Day is the largest civic action in the world, which on 21st September 2019 brought 21million people in 180 countries out to clean their communities of mismanaged waste. This year's World Cleanup Day is to be held on 19th September 2020.

Tallinn, 22/04/2020, Lets Do It World

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