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Sustainable use of pesticides - Implementation report

Sustainable use of pesticides - Implementation report

The EP adopted in plenary on 12 February 2019 a resolution on the basis of the report by Ms. Jytte Guteland on the implementation of SUD. The lengthy resolution highlights the numerous issues linked to pesticide use and dependency (e.g. pest resistance, high input dependency for farmers, poisoning aquatic life) and makes reference to the many contemporary scientific studies linking the use of pesticides to the ongoing decline in biodiversity (birds, insects and other organisms).

It also:
o criticises Member States (MS) on poor implementation of the Directive, as demonstrated by weak and inconsistent National Action Plans (NAPs) and lack of commitment to IPM;
o calls on MS to include clear targets in their NAPs, paying attention to effects on pollinators and the fostering of sustainable non-chemical alternatives and low-risk PPPs;
o criticises the Commission for delayed reporting regarding MS implementation and its commitment for the creation of a non-toxic environment in the EU;
o calls on the Commission and the MS to ban the use of PPPs in areas used by the general public or vulnerable groups;
o calls on the Commission to consider all compliance measures, including possible infringement proceedings against MS failing in implementation;
o calls on the Commission and the MS to ensure better coherence of the Directive and its implementation with related EU legislation and policies, e.g. by integrating IPM principles as legal requirements under the revised CAP.

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